Big hitter

The interface of Big Hitter slot is easy to understand, and the game plays out on a simple three-reel board with three fixed paylines. Big Hitter lacks a lot of fancy graphics, with the background a solid purple that fades to black as the screen edges approach. However, this lack of frills shouldn't deter players from trying it out. In addition to being easy to understand, Big Hitter is also available on most mobile devices.

The basic idea of the game is to get participants talking about their “big hitter moments.” To begin, hand each person a piece of paper and pen, and ask them to write down their favorite big-hitter moment. Give each participant a minute to share their moment. When the time has expired, have everyone in the group guess which big-hitter moment the other person was thinking about. If no one has guessed correctly, they must be able to guess what the big-hitter moment was.

When playing this game, it's important to understand that a big hitter is often referred to as a “money-maker.” This refers to the top money-maker in a company or industry. Typically, big-hitters have a high-level of respect amongst clients and industry peers. Big-hitters can also be referred to as “big-hitters,” especially in sales or investment banking.